16 oz Soy Candle
16 oz Soy Candle

16 oz Soy Candle

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WHITE HOBNAIL JAR:  Enjoy this double wicked candle in the classic, beautiful, white hobnail glass jar reminiscent of vintage milk glass, it's sure to compliment your home decor.  Container holds 16 ounces of American farmed soy wax for 80 hours or more of burn time.

Tobacco Barn - Intoxicating aroma of a tobacco plant drying in the barn on a sunny day. Sweet, yet masculine with an underlying smokiness. This candle is a favorite by both men and women! 

Coffee Cup - This candle boasts a rich, strong coffee blend with a hint of dark mocha.  A great candle for company and an even better candle to clear out food smells in the kitchen!   

Barnwood - Are you a pine scented candle lover year-round?  This is your scent, our version of dusted pine shavings brings a crisp and clean scent into your home, just like spreading new shavings in the stalls. 

Whiskey Ridge - Fragrant notes of whiskey blend with smoked oak, caramelized vanilla, and tobacco leaf to create a sensual, intoxicating aroma.

Country Cabin - A medley of cranberry, orange, and spice will make your home feel like the perfect country cabin in the woods. 

Woodfire - Do you love the smell of a wood fire but you're stuck with the convenience of a gas fireplace?  Burn this candle and fool all of your friends into thinking your fireplace is the real deal.  Fans of our old Homestead fragrance will like this one!

Tree Farm - Take a stroll through the tree farm on a cold, crisp winter day and take in the aroma of fir trees with woody balsam, cypress, and pine followed by undertones of a warm wood fire.  

Pumpkin Harvest - Spicy cinnamon and baked pumpkin come together for a classic fall fragrance.

Minted - Fresh garden mint combined with clean menthol and eucalyptus on a bed of fresh garden greens gives this fragrance the herbal, garden fresh scent you need in your kitchen.